Why Choose Self-Catering?

7 Great Reasons for a Self-Catering Family Holiday in Ireland
Why choose self-catering for your next family break?

A self-catering apartment provides the ideal base for families to experience local areas with the freedom to come and go when it suits. With self-catering, a family can enjoy their holiday with ease, whether it be a short break or weeklong staycation.

Here are some fantastic reasons why self-catering accommodation is so popular in Ireland:

1. Space

Self-catering apartments come with plenty of space. At Carrick Family Breaks, we know how important space to manoeuvre is for families. Not to mention storage! The buggies, strollers, toys, travel cots and favourite blankets can all come from your home to your holiday accommodation. Instead of trying to pack all your luggage into a small hotel room, with self-catering accommodation comes the luxury to bring as much of home as your family needs.

2. Routine & Convenience

We understand that maintaining your children’s routines can make holidays away much smoother. Self-catering apartments facilitate this, by giving families more flexibility. Whether it’s giving the baby a quick bottle or feeding the fussy eater, our apartments allow you to come and go at your leisure.

3. Facilities

The Courtyard self-catering apartments are conveniently equipped for families for a home away from home. With free Wi-Fi, free car parking, fresh bed linen, towels, cutlery, crockery, washers/dryers, plus TVs, everything you need to keep the family comfortable is at arm’s length.

4. Value for Money

Self-catering accommodation enables travel with even a large family party. This reduces overall costs and, often, longer stays come at a discounted rate. When you opt for self-catering, you also have the opportunity for home-cooked meals so families can save on having to eat meals out every night. Overall, there is a great sense of value for money when it comes to holidaying in a beautiful apartment.

5. Freedom to Explore

There are no hotel timetables to adhere to when you choose self-catering accommodation. You and your family can come and go as you please. Whether you are early birds or have a late arrival, you will have the freedom to be tour and explore whilst still feeling the warm Irish welcome of living locally.

6. An Authentic and Friendly Experience

Far removed from the typical impersonal booking websites, booking with Carrick Family Breaks your family will experience the true community and culture that can only be provided by a local business. Past guests have remarked on the relationship and personal touch experienced when staying at our self-catering apartments. Centred in the heart of the town, you can easily explore all Carrick-on-Shannon has to offer.

7. Perfect for Large Gatherings

Carrick’s self-catering apartments will accommodate large and extended families or even a group of friends with children. What better way to get together with spacious rooms, all the amenities and no hassle. Parents can socialise, have a couple of glasses of wine, laugh and be merry whilst children rest comfortably close-by.